One roof,
one mind.


Pride Studio Sdn Bhd was founded in 2005 as an interior and graphic design company, with a passion to provide creative yet uniformed brand identities for clients of various faculties.

Parking these skill sets under one roof allows us to control and reassure quality and consistency through internal communication, resulting in a smoother delivery, not to mention gaining a wider exposure and knowledge of different trades and their respective requirements.

It really makes sense!



Design Perspective

Since 2010, we set up a sister company called Pride Works Sdn Bhd, a trading and retail arm associated with design products from Japan. Throughout the years, our relationships and ties with our Japanese counterparts have exposed us to more eye-opening and international level of design experience, thus allowing us to challenge ourselves even further with higher expectations.

We would love to do more daring and wild things, but of course, in reality, we get to do so only when the opportunity presents itself.

So, what can we do for you?